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Armo Board Remote Controller For Armo Electric Skateboard

Armo Board

3 Gears Speed Modes:

Fast mode: 40km/h(26mph),

Middle mode: 30km/h(19mph),

Slow mode: 20km/h(13mph)

Exclusive Sine Wave Control Technology.

The Sine Wave control technology is much better than other Square Wave technology.

Pros of Sine Wave control technology of Armo Board Electric Skateboard:
1, Silent
2, Linear accelerate and break
3, Higher motor efficiency under the acceleration of climbing and heavy load (the waveform is more in line with the working principle of the motor).
4, More durable and stable,
5, Waterproof, Shakeproof and dustproof.

How to pair the remote of Armo electric skateboard?

1, Long press board power button for 5 seconds until the button light flash rapidly. Then loose your hand.
2, Long press remote power button for 5 seconds until remote light flash rapidly.
3, The remote will have 2 short vibration and 1 long vibration. Then the pair is successful.

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