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Armo board VS Juiced board

by Armo Board

Armo board VS Juiced board

Armo board VS Juiced board

For people who work in the city, the commute to work usually involves bumper-to-bumper traffic or public transportation packed like a can of sardines. Bicycle skateboards are faster than walking, but they leave people sweaty before they even get to work. The answer is Armo board, an affordable, quality electric longboard built for city commutes.

A variety of settings makes Armo board one of the most accessible boards available for riders both old and new. Acceleration, top speed, and braking all adjust to the riders’ comfort.

Maybe you’ve heard about Juiced board or not, today we’ll compare these two boards together. You could see from the above, the two boards have something in common, 

Armo board VS Juiced board

Armo Board Juiced board
Top Speed: 25 mph (40 kph) Top Speed: 20 mph (32 kph)
Range: 12.5-14 Miles (25km) Range: 6-7 Miles (11km)
Deck Material: 7 Maple & 2 Bamboo Deck Material: Maple & Bamboo
Wheel Size: 90mm Wheel Size: 83mm
Motor: Dual Custom In-Hub Motors Motor: Dual Custom In-Hub Motors
Regenerative Breaking: Yes Regenerative Breaking: Yes
Battery Type: LG Lithium Ion Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Charge Time: 120 Mins Charge Time: 80 Mins (with Fast Charger)
Weight: 17.2 Lbs Weight: 13 Lbs
Max Weight Limit: 265 Lbs Max Weight Limit: 250 Lbs

1, dual hub motors,

2, 90mm tyre

3, maple & bamboo deck

4, regenerative breaking

However, they have many difference too,

1, The biggest difference is range

Armo board 6.4Ah— 12.5-14 miles(20~25 km) 

Juiced board—6-7 Miles (11km)

Range is a big problem for Juiced board, that means you have to charge it the half way of kick it back to home.

2, Armo board’s ESC use exclusive Sine Wave technology, super linear, make it very warm accelerate and break

Armo board motherboard

3, Armo board have replaceable PU Cover, while Juiced board doesn’t

Armo board replaceable PU tire

4, Based on these common and different points, they have different price too, Armo board 22km-479$, Juiced board 11km-499$

In Summary, compared with Juiced board, Armo board have great advantages on the Range (single charge 25km) and cheaper price too. Which one you prefer?  

Armo board review

Armo Board
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