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Armo board VS Koowheel Electric skateboard: which one is better?

by Armo Board

Armo board VS Koowheel Electric skateboard: which one is better?

Armo board VS Koowheel Electric Skateboard

 Armo board VS Koowheel Kooboard


As a mainstream electric skateboard manufacturer with good reputation in the market, Armo board and Koowheel kooboard have many in common, they are both

dual hub motor longboard /

Same Motherboard Solution /

Imported LG battery / UL certified charger /

replaceable PU cover


The biggest difference is PRICE!!

Based on SAME ESC / UL certified charger / imported LG battery / replaceable PU Cover,

Koowheel 5.5Ah—649$

Armo board 6.4Ah—479$

More than that, Armo board still has lots advantages that koowheel doesn’t have.

1, Deck: Armo board have 7 layers Canadian maple wood+2 layers Bamboo, while Kooboard use 7 layers maple wood instead, Armo has a hole on the deck for carrage, armo deck is more flexible than Koowheel.

2, Range: Armo board battery LG 6.4Ah, 25km range, Koowheel battery LG 5.5Ah, 20km range,

3, Battery design: Koowheel’s swappable battery design brings convenience and also defects, the connection port is easy to get loose to the mainboard,

 Koowheel kooboard

4, The replaceable PU Cover

Koowheel motor don’t have groove to lock the PU Cover, all the force drop on the 6 screws (lock the PU cover) which have great security risks, the screws loose and PU cover flying out like this, cause big injures! Riding koowheel you need to check those screws everytime before riding.

 Koowheel kooboard

Koowheel kooboard

Armo board PU Cover have grooves to lock together, chucking perfect! You don't have to worry the tire will fly off when riding in the traffic stream.

 Armo board

5, Truck and Bearing: Armoboard have solid truck and bearings than Koowheel, the material harder and much more thicker.

 armo board vs koowheel kooboard

6, Board Battery: Armo board you could see board capacity on both remote and the led screen, while koowheel don’t support that.

 armo board

7, ESC & Battery housing: Armo board ESC & Battery housing are both aluminium alloy, sturdy and durable

 armo board vs koowheel kooboard

8, Bumper: Armo board offers bumper in package for protective.

 Koowheel kooboard

With so many pros, i can't find an excuse to say no for Armo board. What do you think?

Armo Board
Armo Board